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The movement of natural hair encourages women of African descent to keep their natural hair with an afro-textured texture. The natural hair community is a fraternity of black women and Metis women and even men who have made the decision to abstain from hair straightening and chemical treatments in exchange for the untreated form of their waves, curls, wavy curls. She originated in the United States in the 2000s. However, in the mid-1960s, the hairstyle began in a rather tight form, like one that became popular among members of the Black Panther Party. As the 1960s progressed to the 1970s, popular hairstyles, both inside and outside the African-American community, became longer and longer. Switching from chemically treated hair to natural hair is not as easy as you think. But I offer you my beautiful site to help you turn this dream into reality. Be ready?


No one can tell you what you should do for your hair unless they understand your current hair.  For many women, being natural can be very painful mentally. First people will make fun of your hair and will go so far as to make comments or jokes hyper moved. Like "you remind me the 60s" oh my God it's so hard! How much time do you put on me to comb your hair? "" Can I touch them? "relax your hair !. the worst is that even your entourage will not support you. So it's up to you to put your hair in value! Do not rely on the media (magazine, TV) and the stars to get there If you love them, it's essential!


So the first # step to becoming #natural is to immediately stop straightening. It consists of choosing between #bigchop or #transition. It is common for people in transition to make hair big chop. That is, cutting all his hair leaving a small amount of new growth. In a word, start from scratch. It's definitely the best #option for creating #healthy growth. If you're bold enough to try a new #look, the big chop is a #excellent choice. => see photo.

However no one wants to cut his hair, especially since it takes time to grow. So opt for #transition to #Natural Hair which is a simple process that involves developing your natural #texture before cutting the processed ends (relaxed hair tips) or damaged ones. => See photo


The only sure way to remove a relaxant is to cut the treated hair. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to getting rid of loose wicks. When these chemicals are applied to your hair, they break down the protein bonds in your hair to change the texture. Also, a study of 23,000 African-American women found that women using hair-straightening products were more likely to have fibroid. Specifically, fibroid may be related to chemical exposure by scalp burns caused by relaxants. There is a potential link between uterine fibroid and some kind of hair loss in black women according to this same study. Hair loss, in particular, is called centrifugal cicatricial central alopecia (ACCC). It is a type of permanent hair loss that, like fibroid, affects black women at higher rates than any other group. You are still not satisfied! OK let's talk about Toxic ingredients!


Sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate, guanidine hydroxide, thioglycolic acid, lithium hydroxide. Possible health effects of relaxants and activators include => scalp irritation, skin burns, permanent scarring, ulceration, dryness, chapped skin, dermatitis, irreversible baldness, eye damage, blindness and dry, brittle hair broken and damaged. Not to mention this eternal routine that is suitable for stripping each 8 weeks as soon as the regrowth appears.

As for natural wicks, you have probably seen this video that shocked more than a million people. Men, women and even children could be seen forced to shave their heads in sacrifice to their gods. They often received a small amount of money in return. The height was that these wicks thrown on the ground to be dried were nevertheless sold around the world at a high price. In order to treat these locks, the employees working in these factories all wore sanitary masks. These products come mostly from India are toxic? Is this the cause of migraines, dandruff or even the smell of hair? Well, the question is still asked.


The worst thing is that these dealers when they are out of stock are accused of using animal hair or the ponytail as wicks for their client. (Especially in China) Have already worn a wig that stung or scratched unexplained ?. How many animals are killed for this? Have your already had a weaving scratching? In short, who should you blame for this kind of thing? Why would a human wear animal hair? are you so desperate? Did not God create man superior to animals? Logically it takes years for these donors to grow their hair normally. Synthetic locks are preferable? There are people who suffer from severe alopecia, illness such as cancer etc. These people have no option but to use wicks and wigs. The African braids, for example, are made mostly with locks that it is for outings or customary reasons I admit that I myself make use of it. I love gray wicks kind grandmother, new trend but especially the wig braided mats (twist, Liberian mat etc ...). My problem is rather the complex of natural hair. A hyper phenomenon in my community!


Become natural today!

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